Friday, March 30, 2012

Foodie Penpals and Weekend Plans!

I have been waiting sooooo long to write this post! I am seriously so excited to have gotten to participate in the foodie penpals this month.  I've already signed up for next month!
First a little background info about the program, for all the details please visit Lindsay@theleangreenbean.

  • On the 15th of the month you get your match.  
  • You have a different person that you receive from and a different person you send to
  • $15 spending limit
  • honor any and all dietary restrictions you penpal may have
This month I got  Cheryl@LiveFitDaily, we have so much in common!  We both have 2 children, she used to live in ATL, my neck of the woods, and some other stuff...
Anyways her blog is awesome she's raised my awareness on my beloved bleach (beloved no more!) and she shares some awesome recipes.

So without further ado:
The Goods minus one Lara Bar!  The kids attacked it before I could get my camera out! 

Adam even got in on the action... Cheryl's sweet boys sent him some Star War's pencils. He LOVES pencils and has been practicing his writing skills... perfect timing!

Let me start by saying it is ALL gone.  Except for the NUUN.  It was all so good and it was cool because it was unique to Cheryl's region.  Those heart shaped cookies were like 1lb each and they were so good. They're from a Vegan Bakery and let me tell you, better than any non vegan cookie I've ever had.  The popcorn was amazing, my husband finished it off and we got in a fight about it. I'm serious.  I had never tried the snappea crisps and my kids gobbled them up.  I've bought them again because I like the stats better than their standard Goldfish.
I used the NUUN for my marathon. It worked out great especially since I was running in 80 degree weather.  I've never tried NUUN and I really liked it.  I don't do sports drinks because they upset my stomach and I can't take the sugary taste, but these were great.  The taste was very light and it did not upset my stomach.  I'll definitely be stocking up on these for the very long very hot summer!
All in all foodie penpals was awesome and I can't wait until next month.
Thank you so much to Cheryl for the thoughtful and unique goodies!

I sent my box to Sara@NourishandFlourish I was stoked when I read that she had just tried and loved chia seeds for the first time, because I sent her some too! Good timing.

This weekend we have 2 Easter egg hunts to attend.  I'm also taking a 3 day hiatus from working out.
My entire body is sore and not in a good way. I think I need a bit of extended recovery.  I may run a few easy miles, but other than that, I am RESTING!


Have you tried foodie penpals?  Will you?

What are you doing this weekend?!?!?!?


  1. So glad you liked it all! I am happy that we got "randomly" connected through this project. Maybe we can actually meet when I visit Atlanta. Happy Friday!

  2. so glad your kids liked the snap peas!!! yay for healthy snacks!