Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WIAW - Jumping on the band wagon

I love reading the WIAW posts of all of the different blogs... you get so many different ideas and I like to see the different way's we all fuel ourselves.  The clean eater's, the yummy treats, amazing salads, new recipes, it's awesome!  Just goto peasandcrayons and you can click on all of the WIAW's, I've found so many new blogs that way!
Breakfast: Ugly but good! egg whites and oatmeal w/ truvia and cinnamon
Lunch: Egg Whites, mixed greens, black beans, and brussels sprouts

Dinner: Asparagus (YUMMY), black beans, basmati rice, fajita seasoned chicken and steak  

Obvi there was a salad involved
snacked on some clementines and strawberries too!
 Unpictured is a few too many cinnamon roast almonds... I buy raw almonds in bulk (4lb bags) and make my own, they are easy and so so good, a little too good if you ask me.
As you can see egg whites are my current protein of choice. I probably would have had a protein shake also, if I had worked out.  Anyways I am obsessed with egg whites right now and could seriously eat them for all 3 meals a day, instead of the current 2.

Yesterday ended up being an unplanned-ish rest day. I planned to take a day off from running. Monday's run was a 5 miler in 39 min, that is super duper fast for me and my legs were a bit sore, I figured since technically I'm in taper, I should, you know taper.
The plan is an easy 5 today and Core Synergistics.

What's your Wednesday workout?
I'm usually getting burnt out by Wednesday, but I'm ready to go today, thanks to yesterday's rest day.



  1. glad you joined us on WIAW wednesday! it is my favorite day in blog world, for sure. i am loving your pile of asparagus. green (yay!) and delicious and light. i am so excited that it is coming back in season. i have a bunch to make either tonight or tomorrow!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog :) Your eats look great. Can't wait until I can have some fresh asparagus and I would do about anything for a big bowl of strawberries right now :)

    1. Thanks! I don't know what the deal is here but our spring produce popped up early!

  3. i often feel burnt out on wednesday as well...its like i am tired and just not feeling the 5am wake up call ;) haha. your food looks delicious especially that asparagus/fajita meal!