Monday, March 12, 2012

Good Weekend and the Countdown Begins...

I woke up Saturday very excited, I only had 8 miles on the schedule.
Since Saturday's are long run days that 8 miles is the shortest "long" run I've run since the week before my first marathon in October.
I finished up the 8 in 64:36, which is super speedy for me.
After a shower and an egg white sandwich, off to the mall it was.
I was looking for clothes for myself (fail) and my kids (semi-score).
It's going to hit 80 next week... NO more sweaters for us! This was a very mild winter but I'm still excited for short sleeves, shorts, tank tops, and sandals. We had plans to goto dinner but that didn't pan out... with a 20 month old, it very rarely works out...
Sunday started bright and early  very late because of the time change. We went to breakfast and to the farmer's market.
I prepped some food for the week, made dinner, played outside, and felt "behind" all day.
I don't know how a 1 hour time change can make everything feel so off!

6 days until the Georgia Marathon I'm starting to get excited and nervous... all the normal stuff.
I'm second guessing if I'm prepared or not and hoping hoping hoping for good weather.

I'll probably be taking it pretty easy this week as far as workouts go and I'm sure I'll be eating more carbs than I have been in a couple months... yep that's my excuse and I'm sticking too it!

Happy Monday!

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  1. yay!!!! i was wondering if you were still running the marathon this weekend! i am so excited for you! you are so dang speedy friend! so excited for you to rock it! good luck!