Thursday, March 22, 2012

Now What?

Well now that the marathon is over, I don't have any excuse to binge on carbs... wah wah wah.
Seriously, I used to think an hour was sooooooooo long for a workout and there was no way I could dedicate that amount of time.  Than I realized how many hour's we actually waste.  I have the workout part down, for me that's the easy part. I love to workout out, I love to sweat, I love to feel exhausted and exhilarated at the same time.

The eating part is the hard part for me.  I mean don't get me wrong, I eat clean 85% of the time, but if I want abs, that number has to be way closer to 100%.   Basically, I have to stop snacking after dinner completely.  That is going to be difficult, and that is the only time I eat anything that isn't clean and isn't a whole food.  Odd that I would pick the worst possible time of day to eat my worst possible food of the day!  Oh well... it stops now.  I've got Casein to help! Totally dessert like, right?

I plan to supplement with whey (before workouts) and Casein (before bed).  I eat dinner right after strength training so no need for a protein shake immediately after working out.  Although, I did read that it is good to have whey (a quickly digested protein) right after eating a meal because it slow's the digestion of the protein.  I'm definitely a believer in real whole foods and I don't really consider protein powder to be that, but I'm not a big fan of meat and I can barely eat 3-4 oz in a day, let alone multiple times a day.  If I am going to get the protein I need, it's going to have to come from supplements.  That is ok.  I like protein powder, it tastes good!

It always happens, so I don't know why now would be any different. But, after a race, I get all motivated and have one goal in mind. Get. Faster.  Which actually may workout better for me this time.  Since I don't want to run 10 miles a day... I'm quite good with 5, thanks.  That's the perfect distance to really add in some speed training.  So I'm planning on running 4-5 days a week, 5 ish miles, except Saturday's will still be long runs (don't want to lose that endurance).
Strength train 5 days a week (still on the p90x kick) with increasing weights.  Sunday's off. 

To me, this sounds like a good plan!  Oh and I'm going to try to remember to take progress photo's at least every 30 days.


Do your workout goals change throughout the year? Or do they remain consistent?

Last year I ran almost the same amount of miles, regardless of marathon training.  I was lucky to get in 2 strength workouts in a week.  I was much more focused on building endurance.

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