Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Weird food combinations

My husband is a food purist. He doesn't like to mix foods together, he doesn't like sweet and savory combos, and prefers 3 squares to grazing. Me one the other hand, I think everything taste better mixed up into a "bowl" of some sort. I also think pretzels and ice cream is the best combo EVER.

Lunch today was a black bean and lettuce omelet.  That is not a weird combination but it is a winning one!
Seriously so so good.                                                      

I also ate some left over roasted brussels sprouts. Brussels sprouts and asparagus are my favorite veggies.... this week.

 I also took some pics yesterday to serve as "progress pics"  Progress of what you might ask?
I don't know. I guess hopefully a leaner more defined me.  I do have goals for everything, but I try not to define goals that have to do with appearance and food too much. I tend to become obsessive... I know, you've never heard that one before.  I want to stick to my workouts and keep my eats as clean as possible while still feeling satisfied and hopefully I'll have results to show for it. One day.

So here are my pics, taken with my iphone, in a mirror in my foyer, before running.

I have legs too, but my phone couldn't see them.
And by the way these aren't "before" pics. I'm 2 months into p90x, plus the whole running thing.

I wish I could do pull-ups. I cannot and do not think I ever will be able to do them unless they are "chair assisted." I can do 1 reverse grip chin-up and the day I first completed that I declared victory. Seriously my upper body strength sucks.

Spring training is underway. The first televised game for me is is 3/21 on ESPN, how how I wish I had the YES network.  Oh well in 15 short days at this very moment I will be watching baseball and that is all that matters!!!

What are you looking forward to in the near future?

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  1. ahhhhh!!!! I LOVE BASEBALL season :) and am so excited as well that it is finally spring training! girl you are so dang fit! i agree about foods...i just mix everything up with some hot sauce and garlic and call it good ;) haha!