Thursday, March 15, 2012

Running food vs. Strength training food.

The two kinda contradict each other. With any endurance sport you go HEAVY on the carbs and not just any carbs the simple, easily digested, quickly adsorbed kind.
 That's the total opposite when trying to build muscle and gain strength.  Strength training is moderate carbs and HIGH protein.

Well that's confusing.

After this marathon, I have plans, I have goals!
Those goals include some muscle definition and very clean  eating!
Which does not include the white rice I plan to eat, the gu's I'll be sucking down while running, and the hopefully epic post race dinner.  So Monday it is.

Until than... carbs it is!


 Is it possible to run 40 miles a week and gain muscle?


  1. i know the worlds of muscle building and endurance sports are complete opposites,but they can come together in certain cases!

    and YES its totally possible to run 40 miles and gain muscle!
    nutrition timing is a big factor,as well as carb sources.stick with complex carbs-ie sweet potatoes,oats,whole wheats,etc,etc....
    totally dependent on how the individual metabolizes carbs though. its a tricky science!

    this may sound like an oxymoron,but usually the weeks leading to a figure competition,i run 80-100+miles per week (except the last week,its only about 40 then)
    i still can keep my muscles and still be able run 10-15 miles a day.

    AND my crazy running friend is actually running the BOSTON MARATHON and then 2 weeks later will be competing in a bodybuilding competition in hopes of earning her pro card.
    but she is a genetic freak. she is an endurance sport junkie AND an avid weightlifter. its not uncommon to see her train and compete in olympic triathlons and still lift like a machine in the weight room!
    i admire this lady and hope to be like her when i grow up!
    SO while its rare to see an endurance athlete in the realm of the figure/fitness/bodybuilding world,its not impossible!

  2. Wow! Thank you so much for all of the information. I don't want to give up running because it's more therapy than workout at this point, but I really do want to gain some muscle and see some definition.
    I have no idea how I metabolize carbs :(
    I've really upped my protein to 100-120 grams a day and decreased the carbs to about an equal part. I've gained a couple pounds, but I don't think it's muscle!