Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Fav's

My 10 year high school reunion is next month.
I am soooo excited to go, and were turning it into a 2 part vacation!
After the reunion were going to stay at the beach one more time before summer is officially over and going to a YANKEES game!!!

I'm happy with my running. I've been increasing my mileage slowly and am feeling really good.

I finally got a BOB! For those of you non-mama's that's a jogging stroller!
I can't wait to run outside this fall with my daughter in tow.

Earlier this week I made mushroom quesadilla' decision. ever!
Sauteed baby bellas, onions, mexican blend shredded cheese, whole wheat tortillas.
They will definitely be making a reappearance in my house, very soon!

Greek salad. There are no words. It's amazing.

As for shoes I think I'm going to go with the Mizuno Wave Precision 12's.
We will see...

What are your weekend plans?
I have a kiddie bday party, long run, and lots of rest planned.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Marathon Training Thus Far...

So far, my runs have gone well, not great.
I've been getting in 4 runs each of the last 3 weeks.
I'm striving for 5, but something seems to always come up at least once.
I've only done speedwork once so far... oops.
The new treadmill is great, better than great actually, my legs feel good.
The shock absorption makes a huge difference. I haven't figured out any of the ifit features or attempted to use the internet or watch t.v. yet, I'm too impatient. Those features will have to be reserved for when my husband runs.
My runs have been between an 8:20 and 9:15 pace.
I'm starting to feel very comfortable running for long periods at an 8:30 pace, and that's my goal.
My longest run to date is 18 miles, that was this past Saturday. It was a good run, and I wasn't even tired afterwards, which is good because my kids were antsy and ready to be on the move!
I can't wait until Fall, running in the crisp Autumn air is going to be AMAZING.

I'm almost in the market for new shoes. Right now I have the Saucony Pro Grid 3's and while they don't hurt my feet, I don't love them. The heel is very thick and I would like a little more flexibility.

What shoes do you wear?
Pro's? Con's?

Thanks for any input!

Monday, August 8, 2011

The best thing since sliced bread...

I have been working very hard and saving for a long time for this:

Oh my gosh! I love it soooo much. It was delivered to our garage meaning my husband and I had to transport 350 lbs inside a too tiny doorway at 9pm on Friday. After 3 hours and 2 doors taken off the hinges it was finally inside!
Sooooo exciting.
I played with the computer for a little, decided it was way too advanced for me and made it to sleep around 2 am. I woke up at 6:30 the next morning for my first run on the new tread!
I ran 16 miles @9:15 pace. The fan is amazing as you speed up, it speeds up. It has a port for your iphone/pod and really good speakers, my family loves hearing me blast Pitbull and Kesha at 7 am! This thing has an incline up to 15% (didn't make it nearly that high) and a 3% decline. Holy quads batman!
It came with a heart rate strap, which I used, it gave continuous feedback of my heart rate on the screen, I loved that. I didn't use the internet at all or any of the cool ifit features, I've yet to figure all of that out.
So other than finally getting my treadmill, not much is going on.
I've been working non-stop. My kids are going a bit stir crazy. By the time it's cool enough to play outside, it's literally bedtime. I've got plans to take them to the children's museum this week, I think they will love it.
My running has been o.k. I'm getting my runs in (for the most part) but they feel much harder than they should.
Oh and the Yankees blew it in the 9th than the 10th last night! Not a good way to start the week.

What running shoes do you wear? I'm almost in the market for new ones.

Are you a neutral runner, overpronater, underpronater?