Monday, September 19, 2011

Iron Horse 15k

Yesterday I ran the Iron Horse 15k, I signed up for it a couple of days back on a whim.
I thought it would be a fun distance and it worked out perfect for my marathon training because last week was a recovery week. Last week was not a good running week. I had the horrible 20 mile long run + 3 not so great runs + 3 days off leading up to this race. I gave the race little thought, between car problems, crazy work problems, last minute vacation problems, and my very negative attitude lately when it comes to running I didn't even feel like running it.

I woke up Sunday morning and told myself not to stress it, it is a training run, with food and a medal at the end!

I finished with a time of 1:20:28.
In retrospect I wish I would of run a little harder, but isn't that ALWAYS the case.

The race was right by my house so the race route was very familiar and a little bit boring.
The miles went by really fast.
The after party had really good food, albeit odd to eat pizza, sushi, and fried chicken at 9am.
I also scored what seems like a lifetime supply of 5 hour energy, lara bars, and granola.
I didn't feel well afterwards and thought it may be because I only slept for 5 hours the previous night, but now I realize I have a cold. I'm slow like that.
I tried to run earlier and made it 2 miles, I'm achey and stuffy.

On another note I got my new shoes in the mail!I think they are soooo pretty.
I ran my whopping 2 miles in them and they felt weird. I think I just need to get used to them.

How was your weekend?
Mine was stressful! I found out my car needs a lot of repairs. So we decided I should get a new car, so we went car shopping and realized we can't afford what we want. I hate looking for cars and looking for cars with 2 hungry, sleepy, bored, children is torture.

What are your secret cold remedies?
I need to get over this thing fast. I have running to do. Plus I'm out of town on Friday.
I've been chugging O.J.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Still Recovering...

20 miles is WAY harder than 18.
Previously I had done 2 18 mile runs. I felt good after the 2 runs like I could keep going. I wasn't tired, dehydrated, or defeated. I was confident about this 20 mile run.
It didn't work out. My Achilles hurt from step 1. I had some stomach issues from miles 8-12. After I got that taken care of (around mile 12) I was never able to find my groove. Also, when I get tired I tend to run harder (not harder as in faster, harder as in it seems like I'm almost stomping) that does a number on my quads. It was rough, my total route was closer 20.5 miles.
My legs still hurt. I have a 15k on Sunday.
I thought it would be a great tempo run distance. I don't feel like even attempting to run more than a half hearted jog.
I'm tired. It's been a long week.
I should have taken an extra day off running.
I shouldn't have attempted speed work.
I just have it in my headed that I can't take a lax approach this week.
I'll be out of town next week from Fri - till Tues (late Tues). I know my run's aren't going to exactly be quality while I'm gone.

Do you feel like if you take an extra day off it will ruin your entire training plan?
I do

How do you adjust to changes in your training, do you make up miles? or, just let them go and move on?

Thanks in advance for the advice!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tips and Tricks on how to save money from someone who CANNOT coupon.

I'm jealous of my friends who go to the grocery store, walk out with a cart full of groceries, and end up spending $5.00. I just can't do it, I've tried, I'm not nearly organized enough. I usually lose my coupons in the grocery store before I get to check out.
I am the least organized person in the world I have 2 children under 4 and have never owned a diaper bag. I am NOT the mom with a sippy cup and snacks.
I work from home and that requires a certain level of organization, I think every ounce I have is devoted to that.
I'm passionate about healthy, quality food for my family and myself, but also can't afford to spend $200/week on food.

So without further adieu, how I (an unorganized, non-couponer) saves money:

I plan meals in advance and buy enough food for the week. We are literally out of food on Saturday, but there's no waste.

I cook in batches
I make large portions and we eat the same dinner for 2 days.
We go meat free most of the week, beans are way cheaper than meat.
I make lunch. For instance I buy whole wheat pizza dough and saute spinach and onion wrap in the dough and bake. I get 10 "pies" (we call 'em spinach pies) for each 1 pound of dough, I buy 2 doughs and that's lunch for all 4 of us for the entire week, for like $10 worth of ingredients.
I buy some things in bulk. Like my 3.5 lb bag of organic spinach, it's $7.00, but that equals like 5 bags of regular size spinach and it's organic. I use it for the spinach pies, salad every night, and in my smoothies. Grains (oatmeal, bulgur, rice, quinoa), nuts (peanuts, almonds, walnuts), dried fruit (cranberries), and beans are all in bulk. Not like huge portions but from the bulk section at a whole foods like store (I get mine from Dekalb Farmer's Market, but that's only local).
Also, you know those bagel thins? Just buy regular whole wheat bagels, they're pre sliced, take a half and slice it in half. You have double the bagels for like half the price. Plus, it's easier for and better portioned for the littles.
I plan our dinner's around vegetables. Whatever is in season and was the best price that week.
Right now were eating lots of zucchini, yellow squash, red bell peppers, asparagus, and broccoli.
In the winter we'll eat sweet potatos, squash, and turnips (my fave).
We eat lots of fruit, but stick 100% to only what is in season, plus bananas. I've got 3 lbs of plums and 3 lbs of peaches in my fruit basket, mangoes ripening on the counter, and grapes in the fridge.
I buy very few prepackaged items and the snacks that I do buy are whatever is bogo at Publix.
I also don't spend money on drinks. We drink water. I never buy soda. I used to buy a bottle of 100% juice for the kids and add a touch to their water, but I got lazy and don't do that anymore.
They don't care.

Latley, we've been eating a lot of fish, and it ain't cheap, so if you know how to save money there please let me know! I've tried frozen fish but it changes the texture and it's expensive too.
Oh well, I'm thinking about making the switch and just going vegetarian. I don't think vegan because my kids eat a lot of dairy, but I could definitely do meat-free.
I just ordered peasandthankyou the cookbook and I can't wait to get it!

I've got new running shoes coming too! Hopefully tomorrow!

Tell me! What are your budgeting secrets?
The more money I save the more running related things I can do!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I wish...

I were a better blogger. *sigh*
My problem is 3-fold.
  1. I LOVE all of the other blogs I read and learn so much, I feel I have nothing to contribute.
  2. I don't have the time and/or computer skills to commit to this blog
  3. I think of great topics and than draw a blank as soon as I sit down and I cannot take pictures, I'm bad at it and forget to take them.
Oh well...
So begins another month...
Time to recap August!

Total Miles: 168
Days Run: 20
Highest mileage week: 45
Highest mileage run: 18 (x2)

Marathon training is going good.
I have a 15k on September 18th that I'm really excited to run.
I'm going to Orlando the week after for 5 days, running will be tricky, but I'll get it done!My baby started school (pre k3) I can't believe it!!!
He's such a big boy.