Monday, September 19, 2011

Iron Horse 15k

Yesterday I ran the Iron Horse 15k, I signed up for it a couple of days back on a whim.
I thought it would be a fun distance and it worked out perfect for my marathon training because last week was a recovery week. Last week was not a good running week. I had the horrible 20 mile long run + 3 not so great runs + 3 days off leading up to this race. I gave the race little thought, between car problems, crazy work problems, last minute vacation problems, and my very negative attitude lately when it comes to running I didn't even feel like running it.

I woke up Sunday morning and told myself not to stress it, it is a training run, with food and a medal at the end!

I finished with a time of 1:20:28.
In retrospect I wish I would of run a little harder, but isn't that ALWAYS the case.

The race was right by my house so the race route was very familiar and a little bit boring.
The miles went by really fast.
The after party had really good food, albeit odd to eat pizza, sushi, and fried chicken at 9am.
I also scored what seems like a lifetime supply of 5 hour energy, lara bars, and granola.
I didn't feel well afterwards and thought it may be because I only slept for 5 hours the previous night, but now I realize I have a cold. I'm slow like that.
I tried to run earlier and made it 2 miles, I'm achey and stuffy.

On another note I got my new shoes in the mail!I think they are soooo pretty.
I ran my whopping 2 miles in them and they felt weird. I think I just need to get used to them.

How was your weekend?
Mine was stressful! I found out my car needs a lot of repairs. So we decided I should get a new car, so we went car shopping and realized we can't afford what we want. I hate looking for cars and looking for cars with 2 hungry, sleepy, bored, children is torture.

What are your secret cold remedies?
I need to get over this thing fast. I have running to do. Plus I'm out of town on Friday.
I've been chugging O.J.


  1. Of course you can be on team BOTH! Haha!

    Get Up & Go

  2. Great job at the 15k race! Secret cold remedies? Not to secret, but lots of hot liquids help me get over it faster.

  3. yeah! congrats on your race! love that medal! and those shoes are amazing!

  4. nice 15K! i think that is the perfect distance.

    hope you feel better - i have no secrets except for extra rest. but i know how hard that is to get when you have kids!