Thursday, September 15, 2011

Still Recovering...

20 miles is WAY harder than 18.
Previously I had done 2 18 mile runs. I felt good after the 2 runs like I could keep going. I wasn't tired, dehydrated, or defeated. I was confident about this 20 mile run.
It didn't work out. My Achilles hurt from step 1. I had some stomach issues from miles 8-12. After I got that taken care of (around mile 12) I was never able to find my groove. Also, when I get tired I tend to run harder (not harder as in faster, harder as in it seems like I'm almost stomping) that does a number on my quads. It was rough, my total route was closer 20.5 miles.
My legs still hurt. I have a 15k on Sunday.
I thought it would be a great tempo run distance. I don't feel like even attempting to run more than a half hearted jog.
I'm tired. It's been a long week.
I should have taken an extra day off running.
I shouldn't have attempted speed work.
I just have it in my headed that I can't take a lax approach this week.
I'll be out of town next week from Fri - till Tues (late Tues). I know my run's aren't going to exactly be quality while I'm gone.

Do you feel like if you take an extra day off it will ruin your entire training plan?
I do

How do you adjust to changes in your training, do you make up miles? or, just let them go and move on?

Thanks in advance for the advice!


  1. 20 miles was a lot harder for me than 18. It seems to be a big difference, at least to me. Sometimes an extra day of rest is the right choice!

  2. I feel like you did the 18 and were fine..I would fit in two 20s, or at least one 20 before the race, but I wouldn't sweat any extra days off and try to make up the miles at all - instead I would listen to my body and take the rest!

  3. i totally go in favor of an extra rest day, if i feel i need it. it usually helps me recover and get back out there without incidence.

    i'm sure your training with not be ruined with an extra day of rest--in fact it will probably help! good luck

  4. All you can do is the best you can. You are probably more self aware than you think. When you skip a day or don't feel like it you body is telling you something. Your training will be ok.

    My 2nd marathon I did s crappy job training but had a great marathon! The day of you are on a total high!

    Keep it up!

    Get Up & Go