Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I love Peas and Crayons WIAW's because they give me ideas for new foods!
I am always looking for new snacks, especially sweets (clean one's)!

 Toasted pita, left over roasted tomatoes, melted provolone, topped with egg whites... this was sooooooooo good!

 Quinoa salad (quinoa, red onion, tomato, feta, kalamata olives, garlic, lemon juice, acv), chick peas, greens, and sliced turkey

Grilled tilapia (this was quick, easy, and really good), roasted asparagus, and baked sweet potato
unpictured: salad

Unpictured: protein shake and some almonds!

I pretty much eat the same foods in rotation each week.  I meal plan, so I try to stick with things I know I like.

Yesterdays workout was 5.5 miles running and P90X Plyometrics. It wasn't great, my knees hurt. I think maybe I should've taken a few days off after the marathon, I don't know. Today I'm going to do a HIIT incline workout on the treadmill (incline is easier on the knees). As for P90X I've got shoulder, biceps, and triceps and Ab Ripper X.  I'm starting to (slowly) notice some changes, so I'm happy. I know for me, my results are more tied to diet than workout... so I've got to keep the diet clean!
It's hard though. It seems there is always something... with 2 little kids, there are always birthday parties, holidays, school parties, oh and did I mention my neighbors have a custom cake business and happen to make the BEST cakes in the world? Yup... they make cupcakes too and bring over new flavors...


What is your biggest temptation?

Mine is sweets 100% No doubt about it.


  1. sweets. i love sweets so much. i dream about them all the time. i am so happy that i can have them whenever i want to again :) if i lived next to someone that made cakes and cupcakes...that would be heaven!!! i have been loving quinoa lately so i think i am going to try out something new based on inspiration of your quinoa salad pictured :)

  2. Oh, yes... mine is definitely sweets, too! Anything chocolate. Looks like a great healthy eating day!