Friday, March 16, 2012

Marathon #2 Goals

Last year the Georgia Marathon was my FIRST ever race. I ran the half.  I didn't have intentions of running races or marathons.  I had just gotten into running regularly and was really beginning to enjoy it. As a Valentine's Day gift my husband registered me for the half marathon. I told him some women may take offense to that!  Well with 5 weeks to "train" I got nervous. I had never run more than 10 miles (and I thought I was going to die the one time I had done it).  I got in another 10 mile run and an 11 miler (yep I thought I was bad ass) and off I went.  It was an awesome experience and set my current love and dedication to running in motion. 

Since that race I've run a 5k, 10k, 15k, and marathon.  Sunday will be my 2nd marathon.  I would like to run all those distances again this year, mostly because I'm better conditioned as a runner and want new PR's. 

For this marathon I didn't follow a training plan.  I did get in (2) 20 mile runs but besides those my longest runs were 12 and 13 miles.  I didn't do any speed work or really run hills... but.... I'm still hoping to beat my time from my first marathon.  Is that weird??? I think because my body has already done it once, you know muscle memory. Also, the 20 mile runs this time around went much more smoothly than the first time.  Back in January I had dreams of breaking 4 hours.  I also had plans to hit a training plan hard.  Oops.

A Goal:  Beat my first marathon's time of 4:18
B Goal:  Get close 4:20 ish
C Goal:  Finish and not die of heat stroke (high is 82)

Baby Leila yesterday 3/15/11!   

A year change's a lot!  Baby Leila last year (3/19/11)

So that's it.  Other than that "long run" this weekend.  I have kid's bday parties to attend, food shopping and prep, dinner, and hopefully a nap.

I know what I WON'T be doing this St. Patrick's Day!


What is your favorite running weather?

I'm a little nervous about the heat.  I've only been running in colder temps lately.
But, it starts at 7 am so I'm sure most of the race will be cooler.

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