Monday, May 2, 2011

I'm posting from my iPhone

My Internet is down!
This will be quick and riddled with errors and no pics :(
1. Today is a historic day. No matter what you support, whether red or blue, if you agree or disagree we should all take a moment. Let's remember everyone fighting for OUR freedom. Let's put differences and views aside and give thanks. To our troops the world is a safer place because YOU are in it. Thank you.

2. I got fitted for shoes. I have an normal arch and no overpronation. I had no idea! I thought I had flat feet and thought I majorly overPronated! Let's see if this info and new shoes prove to be helpful! (pre mothers day gift, thanks hub!)
3. I ran 13.5 miles on sat. There were some major hills in the first 5 miles! I'm starting to love running outdoors.
4. I had an awsome weekend. I ate pizza both days! And have you ever head of krispy Kreme bread pudding? Oh man I was sooo yummy!
5. I ran 115 miles in April! Not bad considering I missed 5 days while on vacation and 2 because I was sick. I really want to go over goals but I'll wait till I can use my computer again.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

What did you do? What did you eat?

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  1. Yay for new shoes! Isn't it crazy that they can tell things about your feet you never knew? Congrats on the run outside as well!