Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thinking Thursday...

So Studly runner has been posting on childhood obesity these past few days and that's a topic as a mom really makes me think.
before you read on, read her posts here and here

I, in no way consider myself a "health-nut," I don't subscribe to the latest and greatest diet crazes, my food isn't made up of words we've never heard of, I don't subsist off of weird herbs, seeds, or plants. I eat real food. That's not to say that I haven't gotten comments on more than one occasion about what I'm eating or feeding my family. If I had to breakdown our diet it's probably 50% fruits and veggies, 30% carbs (whole grains), 10% meat, and 10% crap (sugar, white four, etc...). I'm a big believer in moderation.

I'm lucky in that my son is still 100% under the influence of me, he's only 3 1/2. He eats what I feed him, he doesn't know any better. And I feed him exactly what my husband and I eat, same goes for my daughter (her food is blended and mashed though). I cook with a lot of herbs and spices. I've never made him anything "special". I think a lot of parents give their kid chicken nuggets and french fries because they think they're kid will only eat bland food. Kids only know what you teach them, in my opinion that just sets your kid up to be a picky eater. They say to try a different food 10 times before you decide if you like it or not.

I read a study awhile back that said after the age of 2 the number one most consumed vegetable is white potatoes. Sad, right? I eat potatoes, but I consider them a starch not a veggie. Plus I don't consider french fries or potato chips either. Obesity is an epidemic in our country and it's starting at a younger and younger age. When you see toddlers who are overweight, the only person to blame is the parents.

I loved what Studly Runner said about parent's toting around snacks and juice for their kids. I never have either for my kids and I think it makes me look unprepared, and yes usually I am, but if I'm at a playdate for an hour I think my kid can go without a snack. Were so quick to shove food in kids mouths to keep them quiet. I say just let them scream! j/k...

Look outside of your window... how many kids do you see playing? I don't see any. When I was a kid we were outside running around, riding bikes, playing basketball All. The. Time. I hardly ever see kids playing outside in our neighborhood and believe me we've got TONS of kids. My guess is they're indoors, playing video games. Very few kids are getting the physical activity their bodies need on a daily basis, adults too. Obviously no one that reads this blog lacks physical activity, but so many people do. I've seen people literally get winded walking from their car into a store. That can't be fun.
I'm really trying to get Adam excited about being active. I've signed him up for the kids fun run this weekend after the 5k, he goes to a pre-school sports camp, and he loves being outside.
I think it's especially important for him to be active and continue to eat a well rounded diet. He is a big boy! He's bigger than most kids his age and he has a huge appetite. I know that if he were eating the wrong foods he could very easily be overweight. A lot of people blame genes on weight problems. It's true some people are genetically dispositioned to be bigger than others, Adam definitely has those genes. That shouldn't be a deterrent from eating well and exercising, to me it's an advantage. He will be big and strong, there are certain sports that he'll have an advantage at just because of his size, that's awesome!

I've rambled on enough.
What are your thoughts on childhood obesity? Do you blame the parents? Do you blame society?
I know there are lots of commercials for Happy Meals and candy out there, but my son doesn't see them. I don't want him watching T.V. all day anyways. I blame the parents because I don't think little kids have a choice of what they put into their mouths, they don't know any better. I just think a lot of parents don't really know how to eat healthy or watch portion sizes.


  1. What a mulitfacted issue.

    We always had soda, chips, and candy in the house and ate fast food at least once a week when I was a kid. We never had food restrictions. However my mom cooked healthy meals the majority of the time and we did sports year round. I turned out fine, as did everyone else in my family. I don't want to be a food's all about balance.

    I think DD had genetics on her side, but I do worry living in the tech age. People are working longer hours and becoming less and less mobile.
    No sitting inside on the computer or texting all day little missy!

    There are so many competing forces. You're doing a great job setting an example for your son and motivating him to participate in activities. It's cyclical since many parents had no one teeach them either.

  2. I think you know where I stand on the issue. People can try to sue McD's all they want but ultimately it's the parents who are taking the kids there.
    My kids were served soda at a birthday party a while was their first taste of it...and they hated it.
    What made that last 5k I did so special for me was seeing SO many elementary school kids running. Impressive and refreshing.
    Ultimately these kids will make their own food choices. Lets hope they're educated and exposed to enough healthy options to make good ones.

  3. I completely agree about what you said regarding what you feed your children and what they will eat, they have to eat what you give them, so feed them healthy foods! I didn't eat veggies and many fruits til I was an adult and I think that is seriously sad, I think I missed out some awesome super foods growing up!
    And I so agree with the kids playing outside, when I was young, that's all we did, we couldn't wait to get out of the house! It's so important to get kids off the couch, I can't wait to have children so that I can pass this wisdom onto them lol