Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's Tuesday...

My legs are SORE, like keeps me up at night, achy, can't get up if I'm squatting down sore. I barely ran last week and they've been like this for like 2 weeks. I need a foam roller or the stick. I want the stick but it's like 35.00, that's a lot of money! My legs are actually more achy than sore, as soon as I'm moving around they are fine, and I don't feel it when I'm running, but when I'm laying down trying to sleep they feel like they need to be stretched 10 feet.

I ran 5 miles at 9:50 pace yesterday, that's what the plan called for. It was weird because I usually run at almost the same pace every run and it's usually around 8:30 - 9:00 so this seemed slow, but I varied the incline from 2.5% - 3.0% and it was a really easy run. I guess that's why they call them easy runs! I didn't even feel like I'd run afterward. I also did Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 level 4, my arms, shoulders, and back are already sore.
Holding this one is a good workout too.

Yesterday's lunch was left-over pasta salad over spinach, now that it's warm out you will start to notice I eat pasta salad almost everyday.

Here is Adam's breakfast! Whole wheat bagel with light cream cheese, grapes, and milk.
I haven't had breakfast yet, but it will probably be the rest of his bagel and a banana.

Tangent Time:
1. I am a terrible sleeper, no matter what it takes me like an hour to fall asleep. I always wake up multiple times throughout the night and I move around a lot. Oh, and I'm also told I grind my teeth. I'm pretty sure I have restless leg syndrome. I think I'm going to try those melatonin pills to see if they help, it's getting out of hand.
2. Even though I don't get quality sleep, for some reason I am always hyper. I think maybe I just have way too much energy because I'm very rarely tired, except when I first wake up in the morning.
3. I don't know anyone in real life that likes running. It really really sucks! I talk to my husband incessantly about it, but he has to listen. No one else cares, they don't know how many miles a 5k is, they could care less about the difference between a 10 min and 8 min mile, and whether I run 10 miles or 15 it's still crazy. Thankfully, I talk to myself more than anyone and I do care about running, so I love listening to me!

Are your legs always a little bit achy?
How do you sleep? Have you tried melatonin?


  1. I'm a great sleeper and no achy legs either. What do you do for recovery? Are you getting in lots of protein within a half hour of your workouts? If I had to pick just one, I'd go for a foam roller, the harder the better. Hope this helps!

  2. LOVE your blog!! And it always takes me too long to fall asleep... your kiddos are SO cute!!!I think thats AWESOME that you run in the kitchen while kiddos are sleeping :) I'm jealoussss.

    and i agree, foam rollers are where its at!

  3. I'm the opposite--I usually fall asleep within 5 minutes, no matter what! And I can sleep just about anywhere, on a chair, plane, the floor--whatever!
    Definitely grab a foam roller--it will make such a difference!

  4. you need a foam roller for sure! they are spendy but totally worth it! you would love one!