Thursday, May 12, 2011


So, have you guys seen this article?
The scary thing is this is completely normal. Do you see some of the stuff marketed to little girls? I mean I'm talking make-up, skimpy clothes, games with "adult" themes, you name it they've got it. It's really shocking and scary. There have been reports of 7 year old's with eating disorders. My niece is 7!
My daughter is not even a year old and you would think I've got time before I worry about this stuff, but the truth is, it's just around the corner. It seems these days it's coming sooner and sooner.
When I was younger I had a lot of self-esteem issues. I don't think my insecurities were all that different from any other girl, but I tend to be obsessive and when your talking about diet and exercise, obsessive turns into restrictive. It's sad to think that today's girls have even more pressure on them than we did in the past. How do we instill confidence and individuality when commerical's are already telling them to lose weight and be just like every one else?

What do you think?

Does this disturb you, or, do you look at it from a different view?

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