Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm about to throw this computer out of the window

A few months ago our computer's mother board broke. Us, being the naive, and very cheap people, found someone on craigslist to fix it.
Well, he told us he couldn't fix it but would build a new one for 100-200 and we agreed (ummmm really?) So anyways when we get it, it's 200 and he tried to charge us 250! Ok, than we find out he took out all of the memory, ram, etc... from our computer and put it into this "new" one, ummmm hello, that's not a new computer! Anyways, this computer is crap! And, I hate it!

Ok enough about that.

So, I have an unnatural fear of falling while running. It consumes me. Even on the treadmill I'm scared of tripping over my own feet and falling. When I run outside, I purposely plan all my routes where there are sidewalks. No street running for this girl (I'm scared of being run over too). Whenever I have to run on the street for a little bit, cars always make a fuss and give me dirty looks, like I'm in their space. Not cool. I will not run on grass, dirt, or anything unpaved. I don't even like running on sidewalks with a lot of cracks or overgrowth. I'm a baby. I'm always thinking about it when I run too. I just don't want to fall. Not because of embarrassment, I fall all the time when walking. Seriously, I trip and fall or almost fall, everyday. I've fallen in the mall, grocery store, down my drive way, down my stairs... I never get hurt, so I don't know why I'm so terrified of falling while running.

Are you scared of falling? Have you ever fallen?

*If you haven't already please send me a question, any question, running or otherwise :)

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  1. I'm only scared of falling when I'm running down a steep hill! I can't say I'm like this, I love uneven surfaces and trails!