Tuesday, May 3, 2011

3x T

Triple Tangent Tuesday
1. I hate making phone calls! It drives me nuts, maybe it's because I've been sitting here on hold for the last 15 min.
2. Coffee is my best friend, it trumpets pizza and candy ALL the way!
3. I have cut my hair 1 time in the last year, what is wrong with me? It's sooo long and I wear it up every. single. day.

Yesterday's workout was:
5.16 miles in 45 min.
30 day shred level 3

It is so hard to run when it's hot. I wish I was a morning person so I could run in the morning. There is no way. I run at like 3 pm right smack in the middle of the day.

My future cross country star, look at that form, he's airborne!

We start 'em off early! Already a fro-yo addict and running superstar!


  1. i'm really bad with making phone calls too! maybe it's because I just want to get to the point and not do the random chit chat

  2. Great workout!
    I have to disagree though...candy and pizza both trump coffee!

  3. I love coffee too! And what a cute pic of you and your son running!