Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Baby it's hot in herrrrrrrreeee

My house is like a green house, it just captures heat. Case in point, it was 86 degrees upstairs yesterday, and the a/c had only been off for a couple hours! I love this weather, I just wish my house didn't get soooo hot, even with the a/c on. It's so much harder to run when it's hot. I am going to complain about it all summer.
Yesterday's workout was 6 miles in 53 min
Today ab video and 4 miles @ 3% incline in 36 min
My legs are sore, they've been sore for the last 3 days... Boo

I wish I could go get fro-yo right now, but I'm watching the Yankees and I'm lazy.
Maybe tomorrow.
I just ate dinner and I was so full at the time and now I literally feel like I could eat another full meal. Why?
It's because I'm sitting here reading blogs, it always makes me hungry!

I need to buy a new DVD player. I'm having 30 day shred withdrawal.
I also need to get p90x. Has anyone ever done it??? I've only heard good things and Im dying to do it.

Question time!
What are your favorite indulgent food (like how I didnt say bad) ie chips, cookies, candy...
I'm all about baked goods cookies, cake, brownies. Although I'm not a huge pastry person. I could live off bread too, but I consider bread healthy and necessary!

Do you like sports? Play or watch?
I'm obsessed with baseball and the Yankees. I like basketball too, but truth be told I can watch just about any sport on tv or live. I don't really play any sports but I can't wait to play baseball with my son once he's a bit older. Hubby and I like to pretend to play tennis, but we really suck.

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  1. You're so funny w the yankees ;). I love sports , playing and watching. It was inescapable in my house growing up. I played all sorts of team sports til college and then took up running. I love it all!

    No real indulgent food faces, but I do love eating out, ESP in NYC and we also cook a lot of seasonal dishes. I'd say I love all food if it's done right.

    Sorry it's so hot by you. I'm not a fan of summer at all. I prefer cold.