Friday, April 29, 2011

Feedback Please!

Well for starters TGIF!
So yesterday I had a great run. The kind where your smiling the whole time and your legs feel good, your lungs feel good, and it just feels easy. I needed that because the last couple of weeks my legs have felt heavy, my breathing labored, it's been hot and sweaty and hard!
I'm feeling good and positive and hope the great runs keep coming.
I went 6.5 miles in 55:00 min.

So now the part where I need feedback:
Please, tell me about foam rolling, what is it for? Does it work?
Are you guys normally sore after a run? I've only been sore after a run twice. Once after my half marathon because I had no training on a decline and the downhills killed my quads. The other time was after a 12 mile run and I was climbing some steep hills. Other than that I haven't been sore. So, do you think it's because I'm not training hard enough or enough period?
Also how in the world do you do an ice bath. I tried. Once. I got one foot in the tub and seriously thought I was going to die of hypothermia.
How do you fuel your runs? Prerun? Post-run?
I usually run in the middle of the day like 3:00 pm so pre-run is whatever I had for lunch. I don't fuel during a run unless it's over 10 miles and even than it's a 1 gu or a couple gummy snacks. And forget about post-run I cannot eat after I run.
So obviously I have lots and lots of questions and any and all advice is welcome. Thanks!

So I am going to leave you with a recipe. It's so easy and it's delicious. It has a ton of flavor and it's so simple you wouldn't expect it to pack such a punch. The cinnamon gives it a really unexpected flavor and everything slow cooks together. It's super healthy but also very hearty and filling. It makes a lot, I cook it and we eat it for 2 or 3 days.
*Measurements are estimates feel free to play around

Zucchini Potato Casserole:

2 lbs potatoes (I like baby yukon gold)
1 lbs zucchini (sometimes I use way more)
1 can tomatoes drained (cut into bite size pieces or use diced)
1 red bell pepper

1 large onion
2-4 cloves garlic

1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp - 1 tbsp oregano (to taste basically)

extra virgin olive oil

Preheat over 350
Slice potatoes, chop zucchini, onion, and pepper into large pieces
mince garlic
add spices and drizzle olive oil add tomatos and toss to coat
cover and bake about 1 1/2 hours. toss
every half hour.

<---- in process

<---- The finished product

I hope you guys have a great weekend.
I will be here... eating, eating, and eating...


  1. Ima big fan of both the foam roller and the ice bath. I dealt with some IT band issues and found the foam roller was great for preventative measures. When I do long runs (16 - 20 miles) I like to do an ice bath. Just fill the tub so it covers your legs with cold water. Get in. Get used to it and then add the ice cubs. sit for about ten minutes. Good luck!

  2. I love foam rolling. I used to be sore often but I really feel like the 10-15 minutes I spend using the roller each day loosens me up and helps with me back to back runs. I haven't attempted an ice bath yet but I do have a super cold shower after long runs. I ALWAYS eat after a run. I've read so much about why that's really important so even if I'm not hungry I'll make sure I eat something afterwards.

  3. I love foam rollers - it definitely helps work out the kinks! I'll be foam rolling like crazy after my marathon this weekend :)

    The zucchini/potato casserole looks awesome! Thanks for the recipe I'll def be making that soon! :)

  4. I use a rolling pin (multitasking) and not always only after long runs (more than 16k). it helps target muscles

  5. I foam roll, its kind of like giving yourself a (painful) massage. :) I struggle with IT band issues and the foam roller helps a lot

  6. I always foam roll after a run and use an ice bath after runs of 10+ miles. Youtube "foam roller exercises" to start if you're curious!
    For an ice bath-maybe the one you tried was too cold? It doesn't have to be FREEZING-just cold enough for you to stand it and to help decrease inflammation.
    Hope this helps!!