Thursday, April 14, 2011

All About ME!!!

In pictures...
All I really need to be happy (I'm simple)...

I LOVE to read. I'm all about mystery/suspense/thrillers...

I could probably live off of coffee. Not the foamed milk, 3 pumps of vanilla, whip cream, blah blah blah... I love real actual coffee, straight up.

What can I say? I love love love running on the treadmill. I take offense when people call it the dreadmill. At any moment I can go for a run, I love that freedom.

I am The Cookie Monster.

I view pizza as a health food, that's why I eat it most days of the week. Crust - we all need carbs and whole wheat crust = whole grains/fiber, Healthy! Tomato sauce - ummm ever heard of a little antioxident, lycopene? Healthy! Cheese - "hey calcium" oh "hey strong bones" healthy!

Saved the best for last! I love the Yankees. I am passionate about the Yankees. April - October is my happy time. There is nothing that is not enhanced when the Yankees are own. Pizza, better when watching the yankees. Eating cookies, better when watching the Yankees. Running, better when watching the Yankees. You get the point.

Tomorrow morning I am leaving for the beach! I'll be back on Tuesday or Wednesday!
Have a great weekend and to anyone running Boston GOOD LUCK!!!


  1. Great post! Have an awesome time at the beach, can't wait to hear about it when you get back :)

  2. We share some common interests: Cookies & Pizza!!! Ha! Ha!

  3. yep,pizza is totally health food