Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Don't Think Were In Kansas Anymore

Last night was scary! We were under tornado warnings all night and watching dangerous storm cells move through our area one after another. We got lucky and a lot of the really bad ones missed us. It was nerve wrecking watching the news with minute by minute reports of when to expect the storms and listening to the tornado sirens. It's funny, I'm from Florida and I thought we had it bad with the hurricanes, these tornado's are much scarier. I hope everyone in the pats of these dangerous storms made it through unharmed and without damage to their homes.
Yesterday's workout: 60 min on the treadmill 6.5 miles @ 2% incline.
I really wanted fro-yo after dinner, but with all the storms didn't think it was a good idea to risk my life for it. So, that is on the agenda for today. My 3 year old has a sports class at the park this morning, I'm waiting to hear if it's going to be cancelled or not.
I bought a pull up bar yesterday, for my husband. I cannot do a single pull up, not even close. I guess that'll be put on the goal list. I have 0 upper body strength. I feel like I've made progress in toning that portion of the body, but it hasn't helped me be any stronger. And you would think carrying around 2 kids would help, nope. Well by this time next month I will be doing pull ups, or a pull up! Mark my words.

I hope everyone has a great, dry Thursday.

Tell me, can you do a pull up?

If so, what can I do so I'll be able to do one?


  1. love this blog...newest follower :) I like to read blogs about runners and their quick pace so that it motivates me to stay on track with my newest exercise obsession, which is RUNNING! Ha! Love your profile pic, that's one precious baby!!!

  2. Glad you're safe from the storms! We were so lucky, one cell passed right over us and it was insane...the rain just started pouring and so much hail but it was really all over in just a few minutes, and no real damage.
    I could never do a pull-up but lately I've been working on my upper body strength so maybe I should try it again?
    I'm going to have to come visit you some time for fro-yo!

  3. Pull ups are the devil. I can't even do one! I feel so sad for all of the people affected by those storms! I can't even imagine.