Wednesday, April 25, 2012

WIAW - Lunch Ideas

I don't know about you, but lunch seems to be my most difficult meal of the day.
Breakfast is easy because I literally eat the same thing every single day. Dinner is always planned out for the week so I always know what I'm going to make. Plus, I plan dinner with the whole family in mind, not just me.  Dinner always tends to fall to the same pattern:  Salad, Veggie, Carb, Lean protein, in some form or another.  But lunch... lunch is hard for me.  I work from home, so I don't have to pre plan this meal.  Also, I'm the girl that ate peanut butter on whole wheat pita for 2 1/2 years every day when I did work at an office.  Well, that and a salad.  I never got sick of it, nor could I ever get sick of it, but in the name of clean eating that's not the best option.  Plus, I workout after lunch, so it's an important meal.  I'm usually too busy to actually cook something, sometimes I'm too busy to throw ingredients into a bowl for a salad or wrap.  What usually works best for me is to cook something and eat it all week, but sometimes I get sick of that too!

So here are my goto lunch ideas WIAW style:

Hop on over to peas and crayons for tons of other WIAW'ers to see some yummy eats and to get the scoop on how WIAW works!

Salad: grilled chicken, hard boiled egg whites (mostly), greens, onions, cuke, tomato, peppers, balsamic

Left over's salad, left over dinner, over greens!  Chicken, quinoa, purple potatoes

Grilled chicken, spinach, grilled sweet potato (left over's re-purposed)

My standby: Quinoa Salad, over greens, with chicken, in a wrap, it's sooooooo yummy

La Tortilla Factory wraps... Ahmazing! Grilled chicken greens, salsa, jalapenos.  I also love this wrap with egg whites and salsa

Turkey muffins (all in one lunch)... Turkey, sweet potato, flax
It's lunch time and I've just made myself very hungry!

My foot is still bothering me, I did plyo yesterday and it hurt a little, but no running. That definitely hurt it.  I'm stubborn so I'll give it another go today.  Other than that, I've got back and biceps and abs today! 

I'm off to eat lunch!


What is your most difficult meal of the day?


  1. mine is dinner. i eat the same thing every day for breakfast and lunch. sometimes i wish i was more adventurous but its just easy. i think thats why it makes dinner so hard...i want something cooked and different but never know what i want :) these are some good ideas...i still constantly make that quinoa salad!

    hope the foot is feeling better today!

  2. great lunch ideas! i'm always trying to find new options and these are all yummy looking at healthy!