Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekend Redux

The weekend went by too fast, as it always does. But, I'm counting down to a short, spur of the moment beach trip in a couple weeks and I've got some races planned out! 

Friday started off the weekend with the first Yankees game of the season (and the first of 3 losses, don't want to discuss it!)... baking... and a leg workout that I am STILL sore from.

These were magnificent.  Seriously the BEST cupcakes I have ever made... They were so simple and good, the flavor was 100% on point. 
Fresh Strawberry cake with Fresh Strawberry Butter cream

Turned into this

Would you believe I managed to only eat 2 out of the 2 dozen I made?  It worked out great I gave some to neighbors on each side and accidentally melted the last 3 on the toaster oven!  win/win.

Saturday started off with a 9 mile run, my legs were so sore from Friday's workout, I'm lucky I got those 9 in!  I ran on the treadmill with the windows open (you know to get that outside feel!) and watched an episode and a half of Felicity <----- AKA the best show EVER.

Than it was off to the train museum with Adam!

He LOVES railroad crossings more than the actual Trains

It's a Train Tunnel!

The General - It's famous

Our SaturDate

It ended with froyo... DUH

 We had a blast!  Saturday ended with whole wheat pizza topped with every vegetable imaginable.
Seriously, roasted red pepper, onion, mushrooms, spinach, basil, tomatoes, and fresh garlic.  It was amazeballs.

Sunday began like any with a trip to the Farmer's Market.... only it was Easter.  Which meant there weren't 1,568,983 people there, only 789,343... which made for a much more relaxing shopping experience.  We spent the rest of the day hanging with some Florida friends (and there pup) that just moved here by way of DC.  All paths lead to Atl!  And playing kickball at the park. 

All in all it was  a great weekend.  A good combination of relaxation and fun.  I always like Monday's because I am ready to workout! Hopefully my still sore legs will cooperate.

I hope everyone had a weekend and Easter filled with family, friends, and fun!


Did you indulge in any Easter Treats?

I had 2 cupcakes, one Friday and one Saturday (worth it)

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  1. ahhh!!! your weekend looks perfect! love the fun date day with your son :) i definitely have had far too many Easter treats but thats okay...I am almost out of candy ;)