Monday, May 7, 2012

Good Weekend/Bad Foot

My foot/ankle/heel/achillies is still bothering me.  I don't know what it is. I've iced, ben-gayed?, wrapped, elevated, massaged, and rested it and it still hurts when I try to run.  The weird thing is, it doesn't hurt when I walk.  GET BETTER FOOT!

I was on such a roll, as far as running goes.
I've still been doing the P90X workouts, and am increasing weights from 10-15 lbs today... Woo Hoo, finally getting up there!
I really need to refine my diet.  I know the whole 80/20 thing and that is usually my motto. But I really want to drop a couple of pounds of fat and "lean out"  and in order to do that, clean is the word.  I know this, but it's hard.  I definitely like to eat and I love food and I LOVE sweets.  I often wonder if this whole thing is easier for people that don't have large appetites or a large sweet tooth.   I have a large appetite, especially for someone my size.  I eat well and very clean maybe 85% - 90% of the time.  It's those bites of things here and there that get me. Plus not running consistently for 2 1/2 weeks hasn't helped either.  Yet another reason I need this foot to get better!!!

I got a new phone... My iphone 4 took a beating and kept on kicking, but I couldn't actually talk on it, yea that part didn't work.  So now I've got the iphone 4s... at least I can take "better" crappy pictures with it!  And, I've got a new friend in SIRI. (we already got in a fight).

The weekend was good.
  • hanging out with friends having babies
  • hanging out with friends with babies
  • Ethiopian food
  • Shopping
  • more eating...
 I have A LOT going on this week.  I have a lot going on for the next 6 weeks and I just want to get through it, without pulling my hair out. 
 Gotta love it.

Happy Monday!  Hope your's is better than mine!

    1. haha. me and Siri are always fighting;) i am sorry to hear your foot is still bugging you. that is definitely frustrating! i woke up with the same thoughts about my diet. time to start feeling good, healthy, lean and strong again. lately i just feel blah. i was carb loading like a champ last week and feeling the effects this week. i want to get back on track! have a good week friend!

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