Monday, May 14, 2012

Bummed, stressed, etc...

Things have been hectic, tense, and busy to say the very least.  The last few days have been a blur.  I've been sick, bronchitis?  It hurts! That's all I know.  That said my intelligent self decided to run on Saturday, only to stop at mile 4 in excruciating pain.  And I've been through completely natural child birth, I have a very high pain tolerance.  I almost fell, it hurt so bad.  I have no idea what caused it or even what really hurts.  It's at the top of the foot, I'm assuming somewhere under or around the ligament connecting the big toe.  When I feel around the area, nothing feels sore to the touch, but the area is very very sore when I flex my foot a certain way.  It is getting better, and hopefully will continue to do so.  I really really need to run! It's very frustrating I've been having foot issues for the last month and I have never ever had to deal with any kind of running injury so it's all new and upsetting to me.

The being sick, losing my voice, and coughing 24 hours a day kinda sucks too.

My husband's non-english speaking mother arrived for a month? long visit on Thursday.  She has not been to this country in 25 years and is from a town of maybe 1000 people.  So there is a definite culture shock going on for her.  I've actually never been out of the county, I only speak English, so this way of life is all I know.  So, obviously my life, is extremely normal to me.  It's amazing to see how my everyday things are such a foreign concept to someone else.  Things have been... interesting.

So you can see from the above why I so so desperately need to be running!

It's not ALL bad, just mostly bad (j/k), here is some of the good:

Mother's Day Flowers

Company cake! Strawberry!

My first school made mother's day gift, best gift I've ever been given.
I don't know when I will be running again.  I'm hoping this week. I am stubborn.

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  1. friend! im sorry everything is so crazy and stressful. i totally know what you mean about the running injury panic thing. this past time i felt like was the best i ever handled an injury but the first injury i had was a foot injury and i remember just being so terrified and upset all the time! hang in there! im thinking of you and definitely sending you some healing vibes that you can get out soon for a stress relieving run!