Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May Recap

Total Miles Run: 134.3
Days run: 23

I'm happy with that. I also ran my first ever 5k! I know I'm not exactly a race expert, as I've only run 2, but I love it. I want to run more... but they are so expensive. I'm going to run a marathon this year, another 5k, and I want to do another half and at least one more 5k. That's over 200.00 for those 4 races. Not to mention the need for new shoes every 4 months and ridiculously expensive running clothes that I don't yet own but covet.

My goals for June are to stick as closely as possible to my current training plan. I also need to work on waking up super early for my long runs, I have no desire to run in 90 degree weather.
I wanna hit the weights too! I want muscles!

May got a little out of control on the sweets front, as I found a place that sells the biggest, most amazing, most decedant cakes out there and I went twice in one week. These cake slices are literally like 5 regular cake slices. I know June is going to be hard, I have a birthday every single week this month. Mine being on Sunday and my daughter's 2 weeks later. I've got friends coming into town, and it's summer: bbq's, pool parties, etc...

With summer finally here are you more social?
I think we are, were outside more, at the pool more... we also grill a lot, as do our neighbors.
I always try to bring something "healthy" when we goto bbq's.


  1. what an amazing May recap! congrats on your first 5k! ive got my first one coming up. ahh. good luck to the ones coming up for you too.

  2. Great month for running! Races really are expensive, but they're addictive!
    I think I'm more social in the summer, definitely. More barbecues are social outdoor events. happy almost birthday!