Thursday, July 5, 2012

Weird Week

With 4th of July falling on a Wednesday and no plans, the odd middle of the week day off makes for a very strange week.
I was worried I wouldn't get my normal workout in yesterday with everyone at home. But I got it in and feel great.  We had a mini bbq and attempted to set off some fireworks. After going to sleep way too late, I am sure I'll be having a mid-afternoon cup of coffee today. Today is also cardio only and I'm planning on 7 miles. 

I took a try at homemade Lara bars and ummm let me tell you, I feel like they came out too well!
Seriously, they taste too good.
I'm going to play around and come up with some more flavor combos and I'll be back with hopefully a few recipes.  Plus, they are so easy to make, and for those Paleo peep's they're paleo friendly! Well most of them anyways.

Happy Thursday that feels like Monday!

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