Monday, July 23, 2012

My Gluten Free Week

It seems like everyone is gluten free these days.  There is a lot of information and misinformation about gluten, Celiac Disease, and Gluten sensitivities out there.  I've read going gluten free can benefit everyone, basically were all sensitive to it even if we don't know/feel it. I've also read there is absolutely no need to cut out gluten if we don't experience symptoms of a sensitivity.  Soooo much info!  Whatever. I decided to try it, however, I have never had any symptoms after eating pasta, bread, etc... to lead me to believe I am at all sensitive to it.  I just wanted to see if maybe just maybe I had some untapped energy source under all that gluten waiting to be unleashed.

So I bought gluten free bread, went without any bites of my kids fishies, and munched lettuce over pasta.  Here are a few of my observations:
  • Going gluten free was incredibly easy for me.  I don't really eat bread anymore except for my morning toast, which was a simple switch.
  • As far as grains go, I cook quinoa more than anything, and even if I needed pasta, there are tons of gluten free options.
  • I don't really snack on things that would contain gluten. My normal snack foods are nuts, popcorn, and hummus/veggies.
  • I didn't feel any different.  There wasn't an increase in energy for me or anything.
The verdict. I think I'll continue to limit gluten.  Why not.  However, I love pizza, and I will eat it. Once or twice a month.  I also realized there is a lot of stuff that is gluten free that I normally eat anyway. Oh and Injera bread is gluten free.  It's Ethiopian and Ethiopian food is the BOMB!
I think it's my favorite. I wish I could eat it everyday.

Some Gluten Free eats:
Ethiopian... it's sooooooooo GOOD!!!!
Salad: Romaine + Chedder + Turkey + Egg Whites + Balsamic

Broiled Salmon + Quinoa + Veggies

Granola = Gluten Free oats + Flax + PB + Almonds + Cinnamon

 One thing I can say about avoiding gluten, is it made me a much more mindful eater. I didn't just take a bite of my kids food those bites of chicken nuggets and gold fish add up! When thinking about snacks I went for hard boiled eggs, string cheese, nuts, hummus, and yogurt, instead of a sandwich or crackers.

On a totally different topic I ran 12 miles on Saturday. My hip was really sore after, it was sore yesterday too.  I'm not sure how it will feel on my run today. Hopefully it will be ok. I need to be 100% without injuries. 


Are you gluten free? Why? How has it helped?

Happy Monday!  Can't wait for the Olympics to start!!!!


  1. Need to try some Ethiopian food pronto. This is the second blog I've seen it on today. We don't eat gluten free, but we try to pack in veggies.

  2. I adore Ethiopian food!

    It seems to me that the gluten-free thing is the primary basis of the Paleo diet, is that right? I've definitely cut my gluten down about 85%, simply because I'm trying to lose weight, but the frustrating thing about researching any of this stuff is that you get hoards of 'experts' that all say contradicting things.

    How do you separate the good advice from the bad? Just give it a try and see what happens, I guess?