Monday, July 2, 2012

July Goals

I don't normally make monthly goals, but little by little I am seeing myself get off track.  From cutting my runs a bit short, to shaving 5 minutes off a strength routine, an extra cookie here. You know what I mean, it's not much but cumulatively it adds up. So here it is my get on stay on track goal for July:

  • Post more!  If I am posting daily eats and workouts etc... I will be accountable.
  • Every week I make a rough plan for mileage, long runs, etc... be a bit more aggressive with that plan and stick to it. Every. Single. Day.
  • Focus on clean eats.  Cut down sugar. Stick to whole unprocessed carbs.
  • Eat more often.  Throughout the day I tend to skip meals if I get busy. We all know what that leads to.
  • Get more sleep. It doesn't get dark to well after 9pm these days. That means kids stay up later. When the kids are up later, I'm up later and it's getting out of hand

This is not any different than what I always try to do. But I need to put it down on the proverbial paper  blog post?

Moving on...
It's HOT. I can't believe how hot it's been. My poor A/C units are going to explode.
With weather like this, there is not a lot of playing outside going on and that does not make for happy kids.
We ran a lot of errands this weekend.  Dealt with car troubles. Went on a date. Hosted a kiddie play date. Shopped. And ate.  That makes for a good weekend. 
Wanna know what makes for an even better weekend?
That would be 4 pairs of shoes from Macy's for like $50.00, amazing!
 This definitely comes in second.  Eating sushi.  Or rather an iphone self portrait of us eating sushi.

I'm hoping for rain today or at least clouds. Something that helps it not feel like a sauna in my house.

Today's workouts:
an easy 5 mile run (legs are still sore from Friday) + Chest & Back + Abs... should be fun!

Happy short week but in a weird kind of way!


  1. CUTE SHOES! love them! and slightly jealous:)

    i have been off track on eating as well...suddenly im just grabbing snacks all the time so a goal is to cut that out this month! hope your run and strength training went well:)

  2. It has been so hot here too!! Your goals look great! Clean eats are the way to go. It's hard in the summer because there are so many parties, BBQs and such! I just make sure to stay on track about 80% of the time and then leave some room for FUN :)