Wednesday, November 9, 2011

An extra hour of sleep it is not...

Fall back has not been good to me.
Although my kids still goto sleep at the same time each night they have been waking up exactly one hour earlier every day.
I like waking up and having it actually be light out, but I hate that it's dark by 6 pm, it really shortens the day. 

I've been running almost my normal running schedule. I have noticed that after some longer runs I get sore, that didn't used to happen. I am assuming it is because I didn't allow enough rest time after the marathon.  I just don't know how I'll feel to run a half two weeks from now. 
I ran Saturday morning on a beautiful trail that follows the Chattahoochee River, it was cold but warmed up nicely after about an hour.  The fall leaves were beautiful and littered the and the river had a light fog over it. I wish I would have remembered to take pictures. This one is from the Silver Come Trail. 

 I love running with a group. It's funny I really never thought of running as a social activity and I couldn't believe people could actually run and talk at the same time. It's amazing!  It's really fun though and it's easy to connect with people that have a similar interest, especially one as demanding and time consuming as running!

With the holiday season rolling in work is busy busy busy.
It's both a blessing and a curse.  I love being busy, I love a fast paced, almost chaotic day, but it also means more stress and more problems!  Only my (almost) 4 year old goes to school, and it's only a half day (noon), I get most of my work done in the morning, but 12 pm seems to roll around quicker and quicker.  I also still have the little one to deal with.  Luckily she is really good at entertaining herself.

I'm off to search for recipes, I need a sweet treat to get me over the mid-week hump!


  1. Oh I hear ya. My youngest is still getting up waaay too early. That's MY time! Haha!
    Don't worry about being too tired for your half--I ran a half 6 days after a full last year and shockingly PR'd. You have a nice endurance base now. Take advantage of it!

  2. you will have to keep us updated with the sweet treat you decide to make :) i am the same way about a busy it but it can be stressful and exhausting! hope you get some rest friend! so true about running groups as well...i never thought it seemed "right" to be running with others and I definitely never imagined enjoying it but now its the only way to go! its so fun!

    you will do so great at your half! i just know it!