Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cold November Rain

I thought it was going to snow a couple of days ago, but no dice.
Oh well... I'm sure there is plenty of time for that.  What there isn't time for, apparently, is blogging!
No Thankgiving thankfulness post. No gobble job 10k race recap.  No pictures. Nope nothing!
I smell a new year's resolution in the making.

In the meantime I did run a 10k on Thanksgiving.  The course was a double loop of the 5k there were 2 hills (so technically 4).  My lungs started burning .02 seconds after I started running.  It was rough, I thought I was going to cough up a lung or that blood was pooling in my lungs.  Yep, I'm dramatic.
Anyways other than being insanely uncomfortable for the whole race, I finished in 51.10.  My goal was 50 min. After the race I came home, started the Thanksgiving cooking and somehow contracted some sort of food poisoning/stomach flu that kept me from eating Thanksgiving dinner and more importantly Thanksgiving dessert. Boo :(

I got a good amount of Christmas shopping done over the weekend and it's Dec 1! Where does the time go!
I had a fantastic run on Tuesday 5 miles sub 40 min (that's been my goal for awhile)!
And, a really crappy run yesterday.

All in all November was a good month.  Busy busy like the beaver's say!
I'm sure December will be much of the same.  I'm excited to go home for Christmas and be with my family.  I'm trying to enjoy Christmas shopping and not stress about it.  Although I had  big fat fail at Toys R Us yesterday.
I'm having a great time running and feeling good.  Except for a spot on my left calf. 

I really truly have no real complaints.  This year has been unimaginably good. Really and truly better than I could have even hoped for.  I hope for more of the same!

I'm jealous of everyone going to Vegas!  I can't wait for the stories and race recaps!
Annnnnnd now that it's December it's time to start baking cookies!
Recipes to follow...

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  1. FRIEND!!! congrats on the 10k and the speedy 5 miler. you are so fast! love it! sorry to hear you got sick on Thanksgiving but so glad to hear you are feeling better now. you are incredible for having most of your shopping done...i really gotta get on that myself. eeeek.

    it really has been a great many amazing accomplishments including MARATHONER STATUS! cant wait to see what 2012 holds for you. :)

    thanks for the incredibly kind email you sent me this am. it seriously turned my day...WEEK...around. I will be replying soon!