Monday, October 17, 2011

Vegan for a week?

Can we do it?
Over the past 6 months we've cut down on meat. We would eat fish and chicken once a week and vegetarian the rest of the time. We never eat meat at breakfast or dinner. For the past month or 2 I've been trying to cut down on dairy (mostly for my kids) because hubby and I aren't milk drinker's or yogurt eater's. So the next step is to completely cut out meat and dairy this week and to see how we do. I also want to try and cut out gluten, but one thing at a time. I want to say this is a lifestyle change, however, I doubt that this will be permanent. I want to see if we feel different
Last night we had salad, parsnip fries, roasted turnips, and asparagus. It was great, these are all foods we eat regardless. I'm not going to try anything new just more of the veggies we currently eat and none of the meat or dairy.
I think lunches will be the most difficult because the kids usually eat yogurt and a cheese sandwich for lunch... so any ideas would be great!!!

Moving on....

Last week was my first week of taper and I can honestly say it was the best week of running I've had in months.
I was excited about the 4 mile weekday runs instead of dreading the 9 mile weekday runs from before.
This weekend was only 12 miles... ONLY! I can't believe 12 miles seems like a short run.
Here's the breakdown:
Monday - 4 miles (8:07 avg pace) + abs + 30 day shred
Tuesday - 4 miles (8:05 avg pace) + upper boday
Wednesday - 7.10 miles (8:27 avg pace)
Thursday - 3.56 miles (8:26 avg pace) + full body
Saturday - 12.61 miles (8:48 avg pace)

This week will be similar to last week.
I'm craving pizza.

What do you eat?

Do you like to taper?
This is my first time, but I think I like it!!!


  1. wow! you totally rocked your runs! i really do love tapering but i have a similar experience in that some of my best runs always seem to be during taper time. haha. then i just want to be running more! but its good to hold back and channel some of that on race day! i crave pizza allllll the time!

  2. those are some FAST runs!!

    taper is a mixed blessing - it's nice to have the rest but it's also so hard to cut down. in my experience, if i had a rough taper, i did pretty well in the race. but that's just my experience.

    i am an omnivore. I'm too much of a foodie to omit anything from my diet. but that doesn't mean i'm not a healthy eater. i cook and eat at home a lot, but i also go out and enjoy a meal every now and again. it seems to work