Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I Have A Blog?!?!

I haven't posted in a looooong time, guess I just didn't have anything to say.
I have a marathon in less than 3 weeks that I half-heartedly trained for, read: slacked on.
But I didn't really slack, I started P90X in January and kept up with running 5 days a week.
I got in (2) 20 miler's, no speed work, a little bit of hills, but didn't get my weekly mileage
past 45.  I just didn't hit the mileage I wanted and really wanted to put some speedwork in this time around.

I love P90X, I love strength training, I've always been a weight person, way before running came along and I'm so happy to be back in the groove of things.
Running is so time consuming it was so easy for me to go weeks and weeks without any strength training.
I would like to do "before" and "after" photos but I'm 60 days into my first round of P90X and really don't have any "before" photo's, oops.I've also started eating much much cleaner. I really took the running to mean I could live off carbs and cake. Turns out you need protein too. I've increased my protein intake and am aiming for 100-120 grams per day. I've decreased my carbs by eliminating all the processed stuff, and I don't miss it!
I don't love meat so I've really been relying on egg whites, which works because I love them.

I would like to put on a little muscle which can't happen while also running 45 miles a week. So for now, I'm just focused on maintaining the muscle I do have and leaning out. After the marathon I'll cut back on the running, but not too much. Because I love running!
P90X + Marathon training is hard, but I really think they've worked well together and I feel my stamina has increased. I think I've lost some speed, but that's ok, I was never going to break world records anyway.
Right now my weekly schedule looks like this:
Monday:  Run (45 - 1:15) P90X - Ab Ripper + Chest, shoulders, tri's
Tuesday: Run (45-1:15) P90X - Plyo
Wednesday: Run (45:1:15) P90X - Ab Ripper + back and biceps
Thurdsay: Run (1:00 - 1:30)
Friday: P90X Ab Ripper + legs and back
Saturday: Long Run
Sunday: REST!

I've been very creative in the kitchen too. I've got all kinds of clean eat's recipes I can't wait to share.

With all of the stress of daily life, I'm really happy to be blogging again, I need an outlet to talk and think about something, anything other than work... which is something that will NEVER be mentioned on here! Unless it's complaining.

Do you talk about work on your blog?
Is work your blog?

How do you feel about strength training?
I've been loving all of the clean eating and fitness competition blogs I've been obsessed with lately. I dream of being cut.  These girls are dedicated, hard core, 100% bad a$$!!!
I love it.


  1. OMG yes we are in the same place. I too was into strength long before I was a runner. But I slacked on weights until just recently.
    Totally agree, running is so time consuming and I never put in the miles I should.
    All the best with your marathon!

  2. YAY! so glad you are blogging! when you commented today i was thinking i had been missing all your posts or something! i would love to hear more about your clean eating recipes...i am constantly looking for new recipes to try and have recently been really into clean eating as well! looks like you are rockin it fitness-wise! great job!